Welcome to Indlovu Demolition

Professionals in demolition , earthworks, civil and plant hire services.
About Indlovu Demolition
At Indlovu Demolition we provide a turnkey service. We specialize in structural steel demolition as well as concrete demolition. We have a wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic breakers from hand held to excavator mounted. We also remove ferrous and non-ferrous metals for recycling purposes. Once the demolition has taken place we do the necessary earthworks as well as the civil and construction.

Our mission is to provide our clients in the construction field with equipment and qualified operators that will contribute to maximizing their competitive advantage. Our plant consists of:
Excavators, TLB's, and bobcats with breaker attachments.
Rollers: padfoot or smoothdrum as well as 10 cube tipper trucks.
Drop hammer concrete slab breakers.

We Strive to
Provide quality service as a non negotiable necessity.
Focus on our clients business needs.
Be responsible, flexible and cost effective.
Meet client's requirements on time and within budget.
Provide a level of service superior to our competition.
Be innovative, constantly improve service and performance.
Our Principles
We will provide an environment of free and open communication that stimulates mutual trust and understanding at all levels.
We are committed to excellence and promote only the highest standards, quality and cost effectiveness.
We will be ethical and professional in all our activities.
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